Leo Frincu
5 min readMay 24, 2023


Everyone talks about the importance of strength and how we always seem to need more of it. Since each of us can always get stronger, I totally agree with setting goals to accomplish that. However, before attempting to improve our strength, we need to understand what it is and where it comes from.

My name is Leo Frincu, and I’m a “transformational coach.” Working as a coach in the fitness industry with clients for over two decades has helped me understand more about what we need to become stronger and better. The answer is that we need strength… lots of it. However, what type of strength?

We have two types of strength: physical strength and mental strength. Physical strength comes from our muscles, and mental strength comes from our goals. We use our physical strength, our muscles, to move our bodies, get places, build things, and pretty much live our lives. However, everyone needs a purpose — a reason to move our bodies, get places, and build things. We also need a good reason to live our lives, accomplish our goals, and be successful. That’s where we find our all-important mental strength.

Mental strength comes from a desire to fulfill our goals. The bigger the goal, the bigger the desire to fulfill it — and therefore, the more strength it generates. I believe that our mental strength is the fuel that powers our physical strength and is essentially the motivation for us to get up and move our bodies. Often, mental strength is associated with willpower, discipline, focus, motivation, and determination. We all have these qualities, or “strengths.” However, not many of us take full advantage of these qualities we possess. Why not? Is it because we just don’t know how, or because we don’t really believe that we have them? In my opinion, often, we don’t take advantage of these qualities and subconsciously dismiss them because we’re not fully controlled by our goals and therefore not motivated to dig deep within.

For example, technically, most of us have the resources within us and enough physical strength to exercise (move our bodies), eat healthy foods, search for a compatible partner, or change the way we look and feel. In reality, most of us are physically able to complete all these tasks. The strengths we need are within each one of us. However, those strengths are often unavailable to most of us simply because we just don’t have a good reason to access them.

The more motivation you have to achieve a specific goal, the better you will be able to move your body physically. If we were to apply this principle at the gym, it would sound like this: The greater the motivation we have to lose weight, the faster the pace we will run, and the heavier the weight we will be able to lift. As a consequence, our physical strength is dependent upon — and relies entirely upon — our mental strength. During my extensive career as a trainer, I’ve worked with a lot of athletes. Most of them, as well as the majority of my non-athlete clients, don’t believe that they are “strong enough.” Therefore, most people only access the strengths they’re confident and familiar with. As a result, their performance is usually far below their highest potential. Basically, we are performing at 60–70% of our highest potential, but we really want to accomplish 100% of our goals. That’s unlikely to happen. Why? Because it really doesn’t matter how much physical strength you have if you don’t have the mental ability — or desire — to access it.

Now the question is, what do we really need to do to become stronger and faster? Here are my three helpful suggestions:

1. Instead of struggling to find a new diet or a different training regimen, how about finding another reason to change the way you look and feel? Often, you don’t need to start doing something different. Instead, do the same thing — only better. I’m asking you to believe that you don’t lack willpower, discipline, or motivation. You just need a BIGGER AND BETTER REASON to change your life. Stop struggling with your food choices and eating habits. It’s not about what you eat — it’s about what’s eating you.

2. Start believing that you already have what you need to accomplish your goals. Everything is within you. Stop looking outside for answers. If you think you can’t wake up earlier to exercise or prep your breakfast, instead of complaining about your lack of time and motivation, start looking for the benefits of being leaner and in better shape. On the flip side, allow yourself to get completely freaked out about the consequences of staying the same! You have all the answers. You just need to ask the right questions.

3. Start focusing on your inner strength — your mental strength — rather than your waistline or the number on the scale. Your body is just a consequence of how you think and feel. Don’t get stuck on the “effect”… start dealing with the cause. Your belly will go down only if you change how you think about yourself. The number on the scale will go down only when you change how you feel about yourself. Remember this: you don’t always need a good reason to eat, but you always eat for a reason. Your number one priority is to find out the reason. If you don’t experience the results you’re looking for, find a better reason why you should change your life. Change how you think and feel, and only then will your body and life change as well.

I feel like most people focus entirely on their physical strength while they ignore the mental aspect of their performance. Everything starts in your head. Your body follows your mind, not the other way around.

Start applying these 3 principles, and your performance will increase almost immediately:




Thank you, and good luck.

Leo Frincu

World Champion wrestler, Author, and Motivational Speaker. For the past two decades, he has owned Results Studio, a premier gym in Los Angeles, California.