I have a New Year's resolution for you.

Happy New Year!

Like most everyone, I attended a few holiday parties and family gatherings this holiday season. At my annual Results Christmas party, I noticed a behavior we should all incorporate more this year.

Most of my guests took more than an hour to “warm-up” and enjoy themselves on the dance floor. People often wait for others to start dancing before hitting the floor. Sometimes, having a few drinks first helps.

After the alcohol hit the bloodstream and the pasta settled, many decided to join me and the few others already having fun. It was quite interesting to watch the “shy” ones dance. They looked entirely different from an hour ago when they stood on the side, stiff, self-conscious, and timid. They looked like entirely different people — because they were.

Now, they were full of joy, happier, and not worried about what others thought. Their bodies looked vibrant and alive. Amazing energy flowed all around.

What if these people could take this other self to work, to meetings, on dates, anywhere?

What if we could access that vibrant and full-of-life person anytime just because we chose to, without any alcohol, music, or a dance floor full of people? Or even better, what if we could be that person 24/7?

Imagine how creative, inspiring, and motivating we could be. Our relationships would thrive. Our careers would skyrocket. Our quality of life would immediately and drastically improve.

What if we cared less about what others think of us and more about what we think of ourselves?

I’m sure you are familiar with that “dance floor” experience when you felt free, warm inside, powerful, and full of joy. I’m convinced you know what I am talking about.

How long did it take you to get there? Or, how hard or easy was it for you to come out of yourself and into your heart?

The good news is that we all have that person within ourselves. Each one of us is more inside. The joy and strength we envy and admire in others are also within reach and available to access at any given time. We are closer than we think to the person we wish to become. It is entirely up to us to make that choice.

From the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night, my goal is to feel like I’m on the dance floor. We need to wake up every day focused like a race car driver, calm like a surgeon, and motivated like a kid on Christmas morning.

I cannot explain how to make this happen because everyone has a different way of connecting with their heart and soul. However, I will repeat this, hoping it will light a fire in you: You are more than you think you are. You give your life away every moment you worry about what others think of you. Stop doing that. Keep more of what belongs to you.

Just do it. Be more positive. Worry less, smile more, and laugh a lot, especially at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Listen to your heart. Exercise and eat healthy. Be kind to yourself and others. Enjoy the dance floor — no matter where you are.

Remember, you only live once. Live it responsibly.
Cheers. Happy New year.
Let’s do this.




World Champion wrestler, Author, and Motivational Speaker. For the past two decades, he has owned Results Studio, a premier gym in Los Angeles, California.

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Leo Frincu

Leo Frincu

World Champion wrestler, Author, and Motivational Speaker. For the past two decades, he has owned Results Studio, a premier gym in Los Angeles, California.

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