How well are you doing? Find out for yourself.

Have you ever wondered how well you are performing? I ask because I often think I can do better. However, what is better? Or better said, how much can you do?

If you’re like most people, your average daily performance is at best sixty percent (60%) of your peak performance. When I say performance, I don’t mean stress, excuses, or dealing with daily life problems. That’s not performing. That’s poison.

Performing is thriving under pressure, solving problems, moving forward, growing, winning, and acknowledging how far you’ve come personally and professionally.

Performing is finding answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Therefore, peak performance is the moment when you’re winning despite your environment and regardless of the circumstances.

Winning isn’t just about medals, trophies, bonuses, or promotions. Winning is a feeling, and it happens inside. Winners are the ones who feel good about their choices. Winning is feeling better at the end of a task than when you started it.

Consider your performance during the past week. How many times did you create opportunities to grow and reach your highest potential? These are your peaks.

Too often we wait for opportunities to win and feel like a winner. Or we just do things like play the lottery. As our days and weeks go by, we put out energy only to come up feeling stressed, behind, and disappointed.

Without genuine peaks, our performance actually decreases. We feel like we’re going 100 miles an hour only to realize we barely moved an inch. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Increase your peaks, and your overall performance will automatically increase. One of my clients came to me the other day and said, Leo, I feel great. I didn’t think it was possible, but since I started working with you my performance has improved both personally and professionally. My productivity has increased and even my wife noticed that I’m in a better mood.

If you create situations where you are forced to perform, this will happen almost instantly. You will learn what it feels like to be a winner and you will start giving one hundred percent to everything you do.

At the end of each day, you will look back and say, I gave everything I have, and everything I have is good enough.

Remember, your average daily performance is sixty percent of your peak performance. 60% OF YOUR BEST.

When was the last time when you gave your best?

When was the last time when you gave your all?

Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. If you want above-average results, you need to create peak moments. If you want to have an above-average income, you need to be an above-average person.

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Thank you and all the best.




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